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Camera Displays an Error Message About the Battery

    Follow these steps if the camera displays the error message Use InfoLithium battery only, For InfoLITHIUM battery only, or For use with compatible battery only:

    1. Check the battery terminals.
      • Use a dry clean cloth, or cotton swab, to wipe off dirt or debris from the terminals.
      • Don't touch the terminals with your hands or metal objects.
    2. If possible, use a different InfoLITHIUM® battery.
    3. If applicable, connect the AC power adapter to the camera.
      • Plug in the power adapter directly to the wall.

    If the issue still occurs, repair may be required.  Go to Product Repair. 


    • Operation with third party batteries or accessories isn't guaranteed. Contact the manufacturer of the accessory for any issues that may occur.
    • If you are using a 2011 or older Cyber-shot® camera, refer to this article to confirm that you are using the   correct NP-BN battery .