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Running the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool


    You can use the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool to clear various settings that are saved automatically when you use the PlayMemories Home™ software. It may return the program to the original default settings.


    • Data stored on your computer won't be deleted.
    • The settings, including the Add Folders settings of the PlayMemories Home software will be restored to default settings immediately after running the tool.
    • If using Recommended Settings, Pictures folder is registered automatically.
    • If you don't want to register Pictures folder automatically, or if you want to register a folder by choice, configure Custom Settings.
    • If a large volume of data is stored in the registered folder, it may take some time to re-register.
    • It isn't supported on computers running the Apple® Mac® OS X® operating system.

    1. Make sure that the PlayMemories Home software is not running.
    2. Run the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool.

    3. Once the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool is running, place a check mark in Restore the program to its default settings and then click Start.


    4. Click Yes once the message Are you sure you want to restore the program to its default settings? is displayed.
    5. Click OK once the message Process completed is displayed.
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the PlayMemories Home software.

    7. Select Use PlayMemories Online or Do not use PlayMemories Online when PlayMemories Online (Free) is a cloud-based photo and video service from Sony is displayed.


      • You can also register and use the PlayMemories Online™ app at a later date. Click PlayMemories Online in the PlayMemories Home, and then click Sign in.
      • The PlayMemories Home software will start once Optimize video settings is completed.