Article ID : 00196428 / Last Modified : 09/25/2020

Can't Establish a Wi-Fi Connection with the Mobile Device

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    You can use the PlayMemories Mobile™ app to control the camera or transfer images to your mobile device. A detailed information about the app and how to use it is available at the PlayMemories Mobile support website.

    To use these features, you'll need to connect your Wi-Fi® enabled camera to your mobile device.

    Check the steps below if you can't connect your camera to your mobile device. Each of these steps represents a possible solution for this issue. Check the Wi-Fi connection between your mobile device and the camera after completing each step.

    1. Make sure to move away from electronic devices that emit radio frequencies like smartphones, tablets, computers, microwave, or alike. These devices can interfere with the connection of your camera and mobile device.
    2. Check the settings of your mobile device:
      1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi function is on.
      2. Make sure that your mobile device is not in airplane mode.
      3. Disable any IP address or tethering setting.
      4. Make sure that your devices are within the maximum distance when using PlayMemories Mobile app .
        • The camera should appear as a discovered device after your mobile device is done scanning.
    3. Turn off your camera and the mobile device, then turn it back on.
    4. Reset the network settings on the camera.
      • Instructions on how to reset the network settings differs depending on the camera. Refer to the instruction manual of the camera for information.
    5. Uninstall and reinstall the PlayMemories Mobile app.


    • The Ctrl with Smartphone feature is not available during playback. This feature can only be used when the camcorder is in the recording mode.
    • The image format should be set to MP4 before sending a file to the mobile device.
    • Switch the Media Select setting to Memory Card to transfer images saved on the memory card.