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FORMAT ERROR is displayed on the LCD screen.

    This error may occur for the following reasons:

    • The memory card type is not supported by the camera.
    • The memory card was formatted by a computer before inserting in the camera.
    • The data has become corrupt after using the memory card many times.
    • The memory card is damaged or faulty.

    If this error message occurs, stop using the memory card with the camera and follow the steps below.

    1. Try copying the data from the memory card to a computer. Either insert it into a computer that has a compatible media slot or use a memory card reader.

      IMPORTANT: If you cannot copy the data to a computer, there are some possible data recovery options  available.

    2. Insert the memory card back into the camera and use the camera to format it.
    3. If the error persists, try a different memory card.

      NOTE: For model-specific information about compatible memory cards and how to perform a format in the camera, refer to the operating instructions of the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If the error continues to appear after trying different memory cards, then the camera may require service.  Go to Product Repair.