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The histogram does not show or an X appears on the lower left side of the camera screen during playback.

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The histogram is a graph showing the brightness of an image; it shows when playing back a single image. The graph display indicates the luminance distribution that shows how many pixels of a particular brightness exists in the picture. Brighter images will make the entire histogram shift to the right side, and darker images to the left side.

To show the histogram of an image, the camera Screen Display Setting (DISP) should be set to Bright + Exposure Data or Histogram.

An icon of a box with an X may appear on the lower-left side of the camera screen during still image playback. This is normal when the histrogram display is disabled.

The histogram will not be displayed when performing the following functions:

  • Recording movies
  • Playing back movies
  • Taking or viewing still images in vertical orientation
  • Rotating still images
  • Shooting and viewing images with Sweep Panorama mode
  • Playing back still images in Slideshow mode
  • Viewing images recorded using other cameras

NOTE: Not all cameras and camcorders have the Exposure Data or Histogram function. Refer to the User Guide for more information.