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Frequently asked questions about connecting a camera using USB cable

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For Charging issues



What USB mobile battery will work as an external power supply for the camera?
Is there a battery charger other than the supplied AC adapter for USB charging?
TroubleshootingThe battery pack cannot be charged when the camera is connected to the AC Adapter or to a computer using the micro USB cable.
The battery does not charge when connected to a computer.

Transferring images to a computer


Transferring images using PlayMemories™ HomeFrequently Asked Questions for PlayMemories Home


How to transfer pictures from a digital still camera to a computer with a USB connection.
How to transfer videos to a Macintosh® computer.
What software do I use to transfer photos and videos to an Apple® Macintosh computer?


The computer does not recognize the USB connection from a Sony®digital camera.

For play back issues

TroubleshootingTV does not playback videos from a camera or camcorder connected using a USB connection.
AVCHD movies are choppy or do not playback smoothly on a computer.