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What is the difference between the Imaging Edge Webcam software and the USB streaming function?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    When connected to a compatible camera, the USB streaming function offers the following:

    • Enhanced video resolution (depending on the camera).
    • Audio streaming through the camera microphone.
    • Direct USB connection without streaming software such as Imaging Edge Webcam.
    • Power to the camera can be supplied by the computer.

    Comparison between Imaging Edge Webcam and USB streaming:

    Streaming MethodSoftware RequiredVideoAudioResolution
    Imaging Edge WebcamYesMJPEGNo - Must use an external or the computer's microphone.1024 x 576 pixels
    USB StreamingNoMJPEG or YUV420

    Yes - Camera's built-in microphone.

    LPCM 48 kHz, 16 bit, 2ch

    4k(2160p, HD(1080p), or HD(720p)


    • Update the ZV-1 or DSC-RX0M2 camera to the latest firmware version to ensure USB streaming compatibility.
    • To allow streaming for longer periods of time, you can charge the camera with the connected computer or use the USB power or USB Power Delivery feature of your camera. A sufficiently charged battery has to be in the camera and does not charge while using USB power or power from the computer.
      • If your camera has a USB Power Supply option, set it to ON.
      • Refer to the Supplying power from a wall outlet section of your camera Help Guide for additional information.
    • Not all cameras allow USB streaming video resolution setting changes, so refer to the Livestreaming video and audio (USB Streaming) section of your camera Help Guide for resolution information.
    • Applications that utilize the USB streaming feature may not work with all video resolution settings or allow changes. Refer to your application instruction guide to verify compatible resolution settings.
    • We can't guarantee operation of non-Sony applications.

    If you need information on setup steps, select your preferred streaming method: