Article ID : 00069725 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to create an animated GIF image using the PlayMemories Home software.

    1. Start the PlayMemories Home™ software.
    2. Browse to the folder where the images you want to use are saved.
    3. Press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard while clicking to select the desired images.
    4. When finished selecting the images, click Edit.
    5. In the Edit menu, click Group Photos as a Burst Group.
    6. In the PlayMemories Home dialog box, click Yes.
    7. Click Edit. 
    8. In the Edit menu, click Convert and then select Convert to HTML/Animated GIF.
    9. In the Convert to HTML/Animated GIF window, under Conversion settings, select Animated GIF in the Convert to drop-down menu.
    10. In the Title field, type a name for the GIF file.
    11. Click the Convert button.

      NOTE: You can choose to email the new file, save it on the desktop, or save it to the same location as the original files after converting.

    12. Click the OK button.
    13. Click the Exit button when you are finished.