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How to remove a BIOS password.

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Follow these steps to remove a Supervisor Password.

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. At the Sony screen, press the F2 to enter BIOS setup.
  3. In the BIOS Setup Utility window, press the DOWN ARROW key 11 times to highlight Supervisor PasswordImage

    NOTE: To remove a user password, press the DOWN ARROW key 1 more time (12 times total) to highlight User Password.
  4. Press the ENTER key.
  5. At the Enter Password prompt, press ENTER key.
    Leave the window blank and do not type anything before pressing the ENTER key. This will erase the BIOS password.

  6. Press the RIGHT ARROW key 4 times to highlight the Exit menu.Image

  7. With the Exit Saving Changes option highlighted, press the ENTER key.Image

  8. At the Setup confirmation prompt, highlight Yes and then press ENTER to save configuration changes and exit the BIOS. Image

    NOTE: The computer will restart automatically.