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What is the difference between the PlayMemories Home for VAIO software and the PlayMemories Home software that ships with other Sony electronic devices?

    There are two different PlayMemories Home software versions:

    • PlayMemories Home for VAIO - This software is pre-installed on most newer VAIO computers.
    • Player Memories Home - This software is pre-installed or available for download on Sony Handycam® digital video cameras or Cyber-shot® digital still cameras.

    The main difference between the two software packages is that the PlayMemories Home for VAIO contains the following extra 3D support features:

    • Adds the ability to play supported 3D video or image content recorded by a 3D Bloggie® camera, or other 3D camera, using the side-by-side method.
    • Allows supported 2D video or image content to be converted and played in 3D.
    • Allows supported content to be output in 3D to an external monitor using an HDMI connection.
    • Allows 3D playback using the VAIO 3D Filter feature (available on select VAIO Computers).