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How to find the specifications for the hard drive model installed in the computer.

    There are several reasons that you may need to know the specifications for the hard drive model. Follow these steps to find the hard drive model installed in the computer.

    IMPORTANT: Hard drives are components not manufactured by Sony® and the exact model installed in the computer will often vary by manufacturer. Information regarding the detailed specifications of an installed hard drive, beyond those provided with the computer specifications, are not available from Sony. For this reason, once you have determined the exact model of the hard drive component installed on the computer, you will need to search the Internet to locate information provided by the drive manufacturer.

    NOTE: The computer specifications are available from the Sony Support website. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Open a Command Prompt window .
    2. In the Command Prompt window, type wmic diskdrive get model, and then press the Enter key.
    3. Write down the hard drive model number listed.

      NOTE:  Depending on your computer, there may be several devices listed. Unless you have changed the default boot order, the first device listed will be the hard drive.

    4. Open a Browser window and do an Internet search for the model number you have written down.