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What is the VAIO Gate software and how is it used?

    The VAIO Gate software is a user interface feature, also called a dock. It provides quick and easy access to open and switch between applications.

    The VAIO Gate software can be accessed by clicking on the black tab with the green icon located at the top of the Windows desktop or by simply moving the mouse cursor over the tab.


    • If the VAIO Gate tab is not displayed, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen and the tab will appear.
    • If the VAIO Gate tab is still not available, it may be closed. Open it by clicking the Start button, All Programs and then VAIO Gate.

    After the VAIO Gate bar is displayed, you will see a list of icons that are shortcuts to applications. Simply click the appropriate icon to open that program or switch to it if that program is already open.


    The VAIO Gate docking bar can be easily customized. To add a shortcut, drag an icon from the desktop, Start menu or anywhere and then drop it on the VAIO Gate docking bar. To remove a shortcut, drag an icon from the VAIO Gate bar to the desktop. You also can rearrange the order of the icons by dragging them to different positions.


    • When you add a shortcut, it will remain in the original location and be copied to the VAIO Gate bar.
    • When you remove a shortcut, it will not be copied to another location.

    VAIO Gate also supports RSS feeds that are taken randomly from the Internet Explorer feeds section and displayed on the collapsed VAIO Gate bar. To open the article, click on it.

    NOTE: For information about setting up RSS feeds, consult the help files in the Internet Explorer browser.


    VAIO Gate has a settings screen that allows you to configure the software. To access VAIO Gate settings, click the settings icon Image on the right side of the VAIO Gate bar. To close the settings bar, click the icon again.


    The following settings are available:

    • Load at startup: Configure VAIO Gate to stop or start loading automatically when the computer starts.
    • Display mode: Hide the VAIO Gate bar when not in use.
    • RSS and notification display time: Set the time a message is to be displayed. Change this setting to 0 sec (Off) to turn off all notifications.
    • RSS and notification interval: Set the time between messages.
    • Exit VAIO Gate: Close VAIO Gate.

    For more information about VAIO Gate, consult the help files that can be accessed by clicking the question mark icon Image on the right side of the VAIO Gate settings bar.