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Unable to sync the Walkman player in Windows Media Player

    Follow this procedure if you are unable to sync your Walkman® player in the Windows Media® Player.

    IMPORTANT: If your Walkman player is not recognized in the Windows Media Player, a different procedure that addresses this is available .

    1. Start the Windows Media Player 11 software.
    2. Connect your Walkman player to the computer.
    3. Click on the Sync button located on the menu bar in the software.
    4. The top right corner of the software screen will show the amount of space remaining on the Walkman player.


      Be sure you have enough available space for the music you are trying to transfer. If you do not have enough space, delete the necessary amount of music from the player and try to sync again.
    5. If you have enough available space, leave the portable player connected to the computer and continue with this procedure.
    6. Click the Sync button.
    7. Drag and then drop your music selections from the left pane to the right pane of the Windows Media Player.
    8. In the right pane, click Start Sync.

    If you are still unable to sync, try the following:

    1. Try to play the selected music in Windows Media Player. If the music file does not playback, the file may not be compatible and cannot be transferred to the player for playback.
    2. If the file plays back fine in Windows Media Player, restart the computer.
    3. Check the connection status again and try to sync the player.
    4. Under the Common settings menu of the player, format the player using the built-in Format utility.
    5. Check the connection status again and try to sync the player.
    6. If you are still unable to transfer music to your portable player and have not yet uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, confirm that the player is recognized by the computer as an MTP device .