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The Computer or Computer Software Doesn't Recognize My Walkman Player

    Follow the steps below if your computer of computer software doesn't recognize your Walkman player:

    1. Check the operating system.

    2. Check the USB connection.

      • Make sure to use the supplied USB cable.
      • Make sure that the USB ports both on your computer and on your device are clean.
      • Connect your device to different USB ports on the computer.
        • Make sure that the device is connected directly to the computer's usb port and not through a USB hub.
      • For models with USB Connection Mode feature, turn it on:
        1. On the player's home menu, select Settings.
        2. Select Common Settings.
        3. Select USB Connection Mode.
        4. Select Yes.
          • Your device will display the USB connection standby screen after you set it to this mode.
    3. Reset  your device.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Make sure that the device driver is properly installed.
      • For computers running on Windows® Operating systems:
      • For Mac computers:
        1. On the desktop, click on Apple logo.
        2. Select About This Mac.
        3. Select System Report.
        4. Your device should be listed under USB.
          • If you device is not listed under USB:
            1. Unplug your device from the computer.
            2. Reconnect your device.
            3. Click on File.
            4. Select Refresh Information.
    6. Reinstall the computer software.