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How to change the codecs and wireless preferences when connecting via Bluetooth

    Follow these steps to select the combination of codecs and preferences for Bluetooth® streaming:

    1. Swipe the Home screen upwards and then tap the menu items in the following order:
      • (Settings) → Connected devicesConnection preferencesBluetooth.
    2. Tap Wireless playback quality, and then select the desired item.

    Note: The following items can be set in combination with some codecs:

    • Priority on sound quality mode: Prioritizes sound quality. Depending on the environment, the connection may become unstable.
    • Priority on stable connection mode: Prioritizes connection stability over sound quality. Use this setting if the connection is unstable.

    Note: Depending on the connection settings of the Bluetooth device, achieving the Wireless playback quality (Bluetooth codec) effect may not be possible.