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The battery life of the Walkman Player is short even when fully charged

    Walkman® players are equipped with many different functions and features. When enabled, these features will discharge the battery quicker. Adjust your Walkman settings or functions to extend the battery life.

    Reduce the battery consumption

    • Set the Screen Off Timer to 30 or 15 seconds. A shorter time for this setting extends the battery life.
    • Reduce the brightness level of the screen to 3. This extends the battery life to approximately 40% longer than when it's set to 5.

      brightness level

      • [A]. Battery duration
      • [B]: Brightness level 3
      • [C]: Brightness level 5
    • Set the noise canceling function to Off. This extends the battery life to approximately 20% longer than if On is selected.
    • Set the Bluetooth setting to Prioritize Connection. This change extends the battery life to approximately 25% longer than if Prioritize Sound Quality is selected.

    Adjust Settings or Functions that consume a large amount of power

    • Set the Playback speed (DPC) setting to Off. Selecting x2.0 consumes the battery approximately 70% faster than Off.
    • Using the Equalizer, VPT (Surround), DSEE (Sound Enhance), Clear Stereo, and Dynamic Normalizer consumes the battery approximately 50% faster.
    • Playing high-definition music sources (High-Resolution Audio files) consumes more power than low-definition music sources (MP3 files).

    Battery performance in cold environments

    In cold environments, chemical reactions become weak and electrical energy lowers. As a result, you can't fully charge a battery in this environment. Even if the battery is fully charged in a warmer environment, the battery life shortens when used in a cold environment. Battery performance returns to normal when you use it in a warmer environment.

    Battery charge in a cold temperature

    Battery maintenance

    Some Walkmans are compatible with the battery care mode function. Battery care mode is the function that reduces deterioration of the battery by not charging the battery fully or a 100% of full charge. When this function is activated, charging stops at about 90% of the full charge. In the Battery Care mode, the first bar of the battery indicator will disappear somewhat more quickly than normal.

    If the battery life is reduced to half as what is mentioned in the operating instructions guide, even after trying the methods above, the battery may need to be replaced. Don't replace the battery by yourself since the Walkman needs to be disassembled to replace the battery.  Go to Product Repair.