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How to transfer Music to the Walkman® player.

    1. First, install the Content Transfer software .
    2. After installation has completed, start the Content Transfer software.

      NOTE: Now that the softare is installed, whenever you connect your portable player to the computer, Content Transfer will automatically start.

    3. Click the the double arrow to confirm your portable player is recognized. Image
    4. You should see the following: Image
    5. On your computer, open the location of the songs you want to transfer.
    6. Drag and then drop the songs from the location onto the Content Transfer application. Image

      NOTE: An orange box will appear to let you know that you can release the mouse button and drop the files.

    7. The songs will be added to your Walkman player.

      NOTE:  You can also drag and drop songs from the Apple® iTunes® application as well as from your hard drive. Image