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How to use the Nuance® Dragon NaturallySpeaking® software to transcribe a voice file to text


    • This article applies to Digital Voice Recorders marketed in 2010 and earlier. All Digital Voice Recorders marketed 2011 and later must use the Sound Organizer software instead of Digital Voice Editor (DVE).
    • You must have already set up and trained a user with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software prior to transcription.
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking only transcribes ONE voice per user profile.
    • Make sure that the Digital Voice Editor (DVE) software is not opened prior to starting these steps.
    1. Open the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.
      • The DragonBar window opens.
    2. From the DragonBar menu, click the Sound button.
    3. From the Sound button, select the Transcribe Recording menu item.
      • The Transcribe a Recording dialog box opens.
    4. Click the large square button to the left to start the DVE software.
      • The Digital Voice Editor window opens.

      NOTE: If the file you want to transcribe is still on the Integrated Chip (IC) recorder (which will be reflected on the left side in the IC Recorder window), you will need to connect the IC recorder to the computer using the supplied USB cable, or transfer the file to the computer.

    5. Select the item you want to transcribe from the PC window on the right side.
    6. Click on File from the tool bar.
    7. Select the Voice Recognition menu item.
    8. The Converting.. dialog box opens.
    9. The Transcription Options dialog box opens.
    10. Click the Transcribe button to continue.
      • The Transcribing window and DragonPad window opens.
      • The text is displayed while the transcription is in process.

      NOTE: Once the transcription is complete, it may be necessary to make grammar, word, punctuation, and formatting adjustments.

    11. To save the text file, click on File from the tool bar.
    12. Select the Save As.. menu item.
      • The Save As dialog box opens.
    13. Browse to the folder location to which you want to save the text file and double-click on that folder.
      • The folder you chose should now be showing in the Save in drop-down box near the top.
    14. Type in the desired File name in the File name drop-down box towards the bottom and then select the document type.
    15. Click the Save button.
    16. Click the X (close) button in the upper-right corner to close the DragonPad window.
    17. Click the X (close) button in the upper-right corner to close the Digital Voice Editor software.

    NOTE: To view the tutorial on the Support website, click on the How to use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to transcribe a voice file to text link under Software.