Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • HAP-S1
  • HAP-Z1ES

IMPORTANT: This file is only for use with the models identified. Not all models are sold in all countries.

About this download

Benefits and improvements from the latest update

  • Adds support for DSD Native output with USB DAC products
  • Adds Volume upper limit setting (HAP-S1 Only)
  • Improves the operation where HAP can turn on the power by accessing the media server while the network is on standby
  • Available to use Spotify Connect even with a free account
  • Changes the method to access the Gracenote server
    (Not available to access after 04-01-2019 without Firmware Upgrade 18777R)
  • Note:
    If you use the "HDD Audio Remote" application, you also need to update this application.
    The latest version of the "HDD Audio Remote" application does not support the following operating system versions.

    • Android 3 or earlier
    • iOS 8 or earlier

Previous Benefits and Improvements

  • Supports the changes to the specifications in Spotify service
  • Improves connection and operation with USB DAC products
  • Improves stability when using the "HDD Audio Remote" application for extended periods
  • Resolves an issue that music files cannot be transferred from Windows10 PC via PC settings
  • Improves playback quality for the USB digital output function
  • Improves Network connections with HDD Audio Remote and HAP Music Transfer applications
  • Improves communication security
  • Adds support for the Media Server function
  • Adds support for the USB digital output function
    (USB hub support for connecting each of one HDD drive, one CD drive, and one USB DAC)
  • Adds support for Seek operations
  • Adds support for the Fade In/Out function
  • Adds the Go to genre/artist/album/folderfunction to the Options menu
  • Adds the following operations:
    • Queuing the track next to the one currently playing, and queuing the track last
    • Deleting the track from the play queue
    • Creating a playlist with the play queue
    • Deleting the playlist
    • Deleting the track from the playlist
    • Deleting the information of a disconnected external hard disk drive
  • Adds support for the Spotify Connectfeatures
  • Adds support for a USB hub connection to one HDD drive and one CD drive
  • Adds support for the Wake On LANfunction
  • Improves secure communication
  • Improves playback quality
  • Adds support for CD ripping function on an external USB disk drive
  • Adds support for the DSEE HX function
  • Adds support for the Chinese (Simplified) language
  • Adds the Go to albumfunction in the Optionsmenu
  • Adds the Recently playedfeature in playlists
  • Adds support for accessing the Gracenote server for DSD files
  • Adds the Auto Gracenote Accessand Text encodingmenus in System Settings
  • Supports the Device Nameedit menu in Network Settings
  • Supports the Device Namedisplay in System Information
  • Supports IP control for custom installation controllers
  • Supports the TuneIninternet radio service
  • Improves secure communication to address an SSL v3 vulnerability
  • Supports FAT External HDD
  • Supports Jacket picture display on track list for Playlists and Favorites
  • Supports 32bit WAV playback
  • Supports DSD gapless playback
  • Supports manual edit for SensMs channels
  • Adds the Oversamplingsetting to select Normal/Precisionmode
  • Supports the Music Connectfeature for the STR-ZA3000ES, STR-ZA2000ES, and STR-ZA1000ES
  • Supports merging albums
  • Supports Gracenote™ data manual acquisition from an album or a folder
  • Supports disc number for sorting of an album track list
  • Adds sleep timer choices and supports sleep timer setting from the playback screen
  • Supports power on resume for internet radio
  • Improves secure communication
  • Supports folder base browsing
  • Supports deleting content from the device
    Note: Supports the Contents List Optionmenu by pressing and holding ENTER.
  • Supports Gracenote data manual acquisition from a track
  • Supports the DSD Remastering setting
  • Supports the DSEE setting for Internet Radio
  • Supports content information (song title etc.) display for vTuner
    Note: Information displayed depends on each station.
  • Supports warning messages when un-supported content is selected (i.e., Unplayable contents, Copyright protection / Multi-channel / Not supported)
  • Improves user operation for content browsing
  • Improves the system operation to prevent from selecting unsupported ATRAC files with DRM (Digital Rights Management) content
  • Improves the compatibility for enhance interactivity with music files

File Info

File Name

  • Firmware update 18777R for HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES

File Version

  • Version 18777R

Release Date

  • 03-14-2019

Before You Start

Check the firmware version

Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES model. If the version number is 18777R or higher, you do not need to update.

If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have:

  1. Turn on the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES
  2. Press HOME on the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES and wait until the home menu is displayed on the LCD before proceeding
  3. At the Home menu, highlight Settings then select ENTER using the Jog dial
  4. At the Settings menu, highlight System Settings then select ENTER using the Jog dial
  5. Highlight System Information and select ENTER
  6. On the LCD, the firmware version number looks like this:
    "Software Version 18777R" - if the version number is 18777R or higher, you already have the most recent firmware version

What you need

  • an Ethernet cable to connect your HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES to the internet in case of wired LAN connection
  • an active internet connection

Important Notice

Updating is usually very simple. Here's how you can make sure it goes right first time:

  • Read the instructions carefully or you could end up damaging your HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES
  • Don't turn the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES off - or disconnect it from the power - while it's updating
  • Don't press any buttons, except the ones mentioned in the instructions

Download & Install

Set up the equipment

  1. Connect the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES to the Internet with an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  2. Turn on the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES

Get the update:

  1. Press HOME and wait until the home menu is displayed on the LCD before proceeding
  2. At the Home menu , highlight Settings then select ENTER using Jog dial
  3. At the Settings menu, highlight Network Update then select ENTER using Jog dial
  4. The message Perform version update? is displayed on the LCD
  5. Select OK, and then press ENTER
  6. The download process starts and you see the download screen on the LCD
  7. After the download is complete, the upgrade starts and you see the upgrade screen on the LCD
  8. After the upgrade is completed, the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES will automatically restart Don't use or turn off the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES until the update is complete
  9. Check the firmware version. If the version number is 18777R, the firmware update was successful

Questions & Answers

Possible Issue During the Update

What to do if you have problems updating your HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES firmware using the internet.

The message "Cannot connect to server" shows on the LCD.
The problem might be with the network connection.

  1. In case of wired LAN connection, check the LAN cable is connected
  2. In the network settings, check you have confirmed whether or not your HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES has its own IP address
  3. Try the update again

The power went off while the update was in progress.
Turn the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES on and try the update again

The download process (Step 6 in 'Get the update above') has already taken over 60 minutes and it is still not finished.
Cancel the network update, and then check the network connection.

The update process (Step 7 in 'Get the update above') has already taken over 60 minutes and it is still not finished.

  1. Disconnect the AC power cord from the mains, then reconnect it after several minutes
  2. Turn on the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES
  3. Try the update again

The Update database process is stopped with failure message.
Turn off and on the HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES. Update database process restarts again.