IMPORTANT: This file is only for use with the models identified. Not all models are sold in all countries.

This information is for the following models:

  • VPCL211FX
  • VPCL212FX
  • VPCL213FX
  • VPCL214FX
  • VPCL215FD
  • VPCL215FL
  • VPCL215FX
  • VPCL216FX
  • VPCL218FX
  • VPCL2190X

About this download

Benefits and improvements

This utility installs the originally shipped version of the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver.

This driver also resolves the yellow exclamation point error Device Manager Exclaimation Point Error that may appear in Device Manager next to "Ethernet Controller" which indicates that a driver is not installed for that device.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Windows® 7 64-bit

File Info

File Name

  • EP0000550982.exe

File Version

  • 7.27.920.2010

File Size

  • 3.93 Mb

Release Date

  • 02-01-2011

Before You Start

Important Notes

  • During the installation of this file, be sure that you are logged in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights.
  • To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications before proceeding.
  • It is highly recommended that you print out these instructions for use as a reference during the installation process.

Download & Install

Instrucciones de descarga e instalación

  1. Para asegurarse de que ningún otro programa interfiera con la instalación, guarde todos los trabajos y cierre todos los demás programas. La barra de tareas debe estar libre de aplicaciones antes de continuar.
  2. Descargue el archivo EP0000550982.exe en un directorio temporal o de descarga (tenga en cuenta este directorio como referencia).
  3. Vaya al directorio donde se descargó el archivo y haga doble clic en el archivo EP0000550982.exe file to begin the installation.
  4. At the "User Account Control" screen, click "Yes".
  5. At the "Select Country" screen, select the country for this installation, and then click "Next".
  6. At the "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Ver. 7.27.920.2010" screen, click "Next".
  7. At the "License Agreement" dialog, read the agreement, then, if you agree, click "I Agree" to continue the installation.
  8. At the "Finished" screen, click "Finish".

The installation of the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller is complete.