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A DVD disc recorded on one unit does not play on other DVD-compatible equipment.

    Due to changes in formatting for both DVD products and DVD media, there is a possibility that there may be a difference in timing between the unit that the DVD disc was recorded on and the playback unit. Follow these steps to try to troubleshoot this issue:

    1. Depending on the specifications of your DVD unit, if the DVD disc is not finalized, the unit may not recognize the disc. It may be necessary to go back and finalize the disc.
    2. If using a DVD-RW disc formatted in the Video Recording (VR) mode, verify that the DVD unit is VR compatible.

      NOTE: DVD units that are not VR compatible cannot play back VR-formatted DVD-RW discs.

    3. If the DVD disc was recorded on a Sony® product, make sure the playback DVD unit complies with your region color system standard.

      NOTE: For example, discs that are recorded on Sony DVD recording units manufactured in the United States comply with the NTSC color system standard and will not play on DVD players that use PAL or SECAM color systems and vice versa.

    4. Make sure the playback DVD player is capable of playing the type of recorded DVD media disc.

      NOTE: Depending on the type of recordable DVD disc that you are using (such as DVD-R or DVD-RW discs), not all DVD players will support the playback of the different types of recordable discs available. Refer to the instruction manual or the product manufacturer of the DVD player for DVD disc specifications.

    If the problem persists once you have tried the above, try playing back the DVD disc in a couple of different units. If the DVD disc plays back in some of the units and not in others, it is possible that the timing is different between the DVD disc and the playback DVD unit, resulting in incompatibility.

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