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The DVD camcorder cannot finalize a disc.

    If a disc cannot be finalized in the DVD camcorder, first consult the instruction manual of the camcorder to ensure that the finalization procedure is being followed properly. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If the disc will still not finalize, then it is possible that there is not enough remaining disc space to perform the finalization process. To finalize, the following approximate amount of recording time must be left on a disc:

    • 5 minutes for recordings made in HQ mode
    • 8 minutes for recordings made in SP mode
    • 15 minutes for recordings made in LP mode

    When using a DVD-RW recorded in the VR mode, you can delete unnecessary images or video footage to free enough space on the disc to perform the finalization. However, images and video recorded on a DVD-R cannot be deleted. Therefore, it will not be possible to finalize a DVD-R if the remaining disc space is less than the amounts specified above.

    IMPORTANT: If a DVD-R has already been finalized, it cannot be recorded on and finalized a second time, even if there is remaining disc space available.


    • The AC power adapter should be used to avoid possible problems caused by low battery power.
    • The recording modes listed above are not available on all camcorder models. Consult the instruction manual of your camcorder for model-specific information.