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Can I use the PocketWizard Remote Flash with the camera?

    Photographers using studio lighting will often use a device to wirelessly synchronize the shutter release of the camera and the flash of the studio lighting. A well-known manufacturer of these devices is PocketWizard®. It mounts to the camera’s flash shoe and receives a synchronizing signal from the terminals in the shoe.

    Because the Auto-lock Shoe used by A-mount cameras and the NEX-7 does not fit the ISO standard hot-shoe used by most flash synchronizing devices (such as Pocket Wizard), a shoe adapter is required to use these devices. Although there are several third party adapters available, we recommend the ADP-AMA Hot Shoe Adapter because it provides electrical isolation of the camera’s hot-shoe contacts from the flash synchronization devices.


    • Sony does not guarantee that accessories from other manufacturers will work with the camera.
    • If you are having problems using the PocketWizard with the ADP-AMA, make sure the hot shoe power switch is set to ON and that the camera is set to use the forced flash.

    NOTE: You may also use the built in flash of the camera to trigger some studio lighting that has a slave mode.