Article ID : 00010620 / Last Modified : 06/30/2021

Computer doesn't recognize the USB connection from a camera

    If you connect your camera to a computer using a USB cable, the USB MODE or Mass Storage connection message should appear on the camera screen.

    Follow the steps below if the computer doesn't recognize your camera or an error message appears. Test the USB connection after completing each step.

    1. Check the USB cable, USB ports, and memory card.

    2. Check the camera LCD and camera settings
      1. Securely connect the USB cable to the camera and computer, then check the camera LCD.
      2. If Connecting... is displayed, this indicates that the connection is not ready yet. Wait until a connection is established.

        USB Mode

      3. The connection is ready if a USB MODE Mass Storage, or MTP connection message is displayed.

      4. Set USB Connection and USB LUN Setting as follows:
        • MENUSettings IconSetupUSB ConnectionMass Storage
        • MENUSettings IconSetupUSB LUN SettingMulti


          • In some cases, the computer may not support USB LUN Setting → Multi. Change the parameter to Single if the connection fails.
          • If you set USB LUN Setting to Single on camera with two memory card slots, you can only import images from Slot 1

      5. Turn the camera off for 30 seconds and then turn the camera on again.
      6. Reset the camera.

  • Disconnect the USB cable and then connect it again, making sure that the cable is connected securely to both devices 

  • Check your computer 

  • Check if another computer recognizes the camera.
    • If you have another computer, try connecting the camera to it. If the other computer recognizes the camera, there may be a problem with the original computer. Consult the computer manufacturer for further assistance.
  • The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve the issue. If you completed all of the steps above and replaced the USB cable, and the issue still occurs, repair may be required Go to Product Repair.