Article ID : S1Q0548 / Last Modified : 08/14/2018Print

Counterfeit NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Battery Packs

    We have learned that counterfeit Sony rechargeable battery packs NP-FZ100 are being sold, which bear the Sony logo and look very similar to genuine battery packs.

    Some of the Potential Issues With Counterfeit Batteries

    • Counterfeit batteries may catch fire or burst.
    • The camera may not power on.
    • The camera may power off without warning, and data may not be correctly recorded.
    • Battery capacity may be lower than genuine batteries.

    Recommended Actions

    We urge you to be cautious when purchasing any Sony rechargeable battery pack, including the NP-FZ100, and make sure that you are not purchasing a counterfeit battery.

    We take no responsibility for product issues which may occur due to using counterfeit rechargeable battery packs. In addition, please be aware that we will not exchange any counterfeit products for genuine ones, nor repair any counterfeit products.

    We have always urged caution regarding counterfeit rechargeable battery packs, and we strongly recommend you only purchase and use genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs. Purchasing directly from an authorized Sony retailer is the best way to ensure that you get genuine Sony products.

    Please refer to this useful information about how to avoid counterfeit products.