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Error: PAIRING and INCOMPLETE appear in the display and the unit will not pair.

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If you are experiencing difficulty getting the Home Theater (HT) system to pair and PAIRING and INCOMPLETE alternately appear in the display, there are a couple of things to check to resolve this issue:

  1. During the pairing process, if you do not perform the pairing within several minutes after pressing the START button, PAIRING and IMCOMPLETE will appear in the HT display. To continue with the pairing, go back and press the + [FIG. 1] button until START appears, then press the + [FIG. 1] button once more to continue with the pairing steps.
  2. If the HT system is connected to a television via an HDMI® cable, it is possible that the pairing will be blocked and PAIRING and INCOMPLETE will display. Disconnect the HDMI cable, go back and follow the steps for pairing and then reconnect the HDMI cable after the pairing is complete.

If you are still experiencing difficulty with pairing, click here for more in-depth troubleshooting.