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The Remote Control Doesn't Work

    Check the remote control after each step to see if it is working. If you need model-specific information to complete any step, check your manual.

    1. Make sure the device has the latest system software update installed (if applicable).
    2. Make sure none of the buttons are jammed.
    3. Reset the remote control.
      1. Remove the batteries from the battery compartment for at least one minute.
      2. Press each button on the remote control twice.
      3. Use a soft cloth to clean the battery terminals inside the battery compartment.
      4. Install new batteries, making sure that they are aligned with the positive (+) and negative (-) marks inside the battery compartment.
        • Low or weak batteries can affect the remote control operation.
    4. Verify that your remote control sends an infrared (IR) signal.
      • For Android TVs, the front light sensor will blink when the TV receives the IR signal.
    5. Make sure you use the remote control 3 - 10 feet away from the unit, and that you point it at the remote sensor on the device.
      • Using the remote control too close, too far away, or at various angles may prevent the IR signal from reaching the device.
      • The IR sensor can be located on the bottom middle, or right side of a TV screen.
      • If your device has an IR mark, the IR sensor is next to it.
    6. Remove any objects that may block the IR signal between your remote control and your device.
      • Glass doors or enclosures can affect the signal from the remote. Open glass doors to see if that makes a difference.
      • Move indoor plants and devices that may cause interference.
      • Make sure the IR sensor on the device isn't exposed to direct sunlight or bright lights
        • Turn off any halogen or fluroscent lights in the room to see if they are causing interference.
    7. Make sure the device you want to control is plugged in and working.
      • Press the Power button on the device (not the button on the remote) to turn it on.
    8. Perform a power reset on the device that your remote is supposed to control.
      • Most devices can be reset when you unplug the power cord for one minute.
      • Separate articles are available to restart an Android TV™ or to power reset other TVs.
      • You can also check the device manual for specific instructions.
    9. Some remote controls can be set for different functions. Make sure that you select the correct function (TV, BD, DVD, AUX, STB, etc.).
    10. Check and adjust the Command Mode setting on your device if your remote control works with a CD  or DVD player, receiver, etc.
      • Command Mode is used when multiple players are used with a single remote.
      • On some players, Command Mode is listed under Options in the Setup menu.
    11. Turn off the Light Sensor setting, if applicable.
      1. On the TV, not on the remote control, press the HOME button.
      2. Using the up or down arrow select Preferences.
      3. Press the INPUT button.
      4. Press the up or down arrow to select ECO.
      5. Press the INPUT button.
      6. Use the up or down arrow to select Light Sensor.
      7. Press the INPUT button.
      8. Press the or down arrow to select OFF.
      9. Press the INPUT button.
    12. Restore your device to factory default settings.

    If the issue still occurs after following the instructions above, you can purchase a new remote control online. Go to Parts and Accessories.