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The remote control doesn't work

    The following are general troubleshooting steps that address most of the issues that can occur with an infrared (IR) remote control. An IR-mark R mark for IR remote control identifies a infrared remote control and is usually located at the bottom part of the remote, near the model number.

    Before you start

    • Check the remote control for damage. A damaged remote control should be replaced. Go to Parts and Accessories.  
    • Make sure the device to be controlled is on and functional.
    • Make sure you are within 3-10 feet of your device and pointing the remote control at the IR sensor of the device.
    • Make sure the device that you are trying to control is powered on and functional, using the power button on the device.


    Check the remote control after each step to determine if it is working. If you need model-specific information, check your

    Review the short tutorial or skip to the steps below.

    1. Remove any objects that may block the IR signal between your remote control and the device.
      • Glass doors or enclosures can affect the signal from the remote control. Open glass doors to determine if that makes a difference.
      • Move indoor plants and devices that may cause interference. For example, a large plant that blocks the line of sight or a microwave oven close enough to the TV/remote to emit wave interference.
      • Make sure the IR sensor on the device isn't exposed to direct sunlight or bright lights.
    2. Reset the remote control.
      • Remove the batteries from the remote control.
      • Press each button on the remote control twice to discharge the power.
      • Insert new batteries, noting the correct polarity. Do not use rechargeable batteries.
    3. Check to verify that the remote control sends an infrared signal.
    4. Perform a power reset of the device.
      • Unplug the device.
      • Wait 1-2 minutes.
      • Plug the device back in and power on.
    5. For A/V receivers an amplifiers, restore the device to the factory default settings.

    Note: If the issue still occurs after following the steps above, then the remote control will need to be replaced.

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