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The DVD recorder cannot play or record on to the inserted disc.

    Follow this procedure to troubleshoot if the DVD recorder cannot record to, read, or play inserted disc.

    1. Ensure the inserted disc is compatible with the DVD recorder. If attempting to use the disc for recording purposes, the disc type and record-speed capability should be verified.


      • If the disc being used is designed for 16x recording and the recorder will only support 8x, the recorder will not be able to record on the disc.
      • Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product for a list of compatible discs. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    2. Use a soft cloth to clean the disc .
    3. Examine the disc for any cracks or scratches that might be interfering with playback.
    4. Attempt to play another disc.


      • If another disc plays in the DVD player, then the previous disc is faulty.
      • Some recordable discs may not play correctly because of the quality of the recording, the physical condition of the disc, or the characteristics of the recording device or authoring software used.
    5. Remove the disc from the DVD recorder.
    6. Turn off the DVD recorder.
    7. Unplug the power cord of the DVD recorder from the AC outlet.
    8. Let the DVD recorder remain without power for 1 minute.
    9. Plug the power cord back into the AC outlet.
    10. Turn on the DVD recorder.
    11. Insert the disc into the DVD recorder.
    12. Attempt to play or record the disc.
    The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.