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What is the AVCHD format?

    AVCHD is a recording format developed for recording high-definition video to media such as recordable DVD media, hard disk drives, and memory cards.

    Overview of AVCHD format

    The AVCHD format has been developed for high-definition digital video cameras to record an HD (High-Definition) signal using high-efficiency compression coding technology. The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format is adopted to compress video data, and the Dolby Digital® or Linear PCM system is used to compress audio data. The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format is capable of compressing images at higher efficiency than that of the conventional image compressing format.

    Also, 3D (MVC format) and 1080/60p(1080/50p) video formats were added as an extension to the AVCHD format to create the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 (AVCHD 3D, AVCHD Progressive) format. Compatibility in AVCHD Ver. 2.0 (AVCHD 3D, AVCHD Progressive) format compliant devices is secured by being standardized as the AVCHD format.

    NOTE: The AVCHD format was updated to AVCHD Version 2.0 on July 1st, 2011 to support additional specifications.

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    AVCHD features

    • Records high-definition video on a variety of media.

      With an AVCHD-compatible camera, high-definition video can be recorded to media that allows random access (DVDs, hard disk drives, thumb drives, memory cards, etc.). Space available on recording media is searched before recording, so there is no worry of overwriting. Videos can be searched for and played back easily without fast forwarding/rewinding.

    • Allows recording of long videos in high definition

      The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format is used for video compression, allowing for highly compressed recording and recording of long videos in high definition.

    • Enables high-definition videos to be enjoyed by the whole family.

      The whole family can easily enjoy high-definition videos by connecting an AVCHD-compatible camera to a high-definition TV or AVCHD-compatible playback device. You can also play back on an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray Disc® player/recorder, DVD player/recorder, or PlayStation® 3 the 8 cm DVDs (discs recorded in AVCHD) you have recorded or DVDs (discs recorded in AVCHD) and Blu-ray Discs created by importing videos to a PC or Blu-ray Disc player.

    NOTE: Your device must be compatible with AVCHD Ver. 2.0 to handle AVCHD Ver. 2.0 videos.