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How to watch a digital movie from an UltraViolet account on my Internet video device.

    NOTE: Movies purchased from the Sony® Pictures Gift Store are digital copies that are stored on an UltraViolet™ digital library.

    To view movies from an UltraViolet digital library on a TV, you will need an Internet video device and certain Internet apps. This solution will provide information regarding which Sony® Internet video devices can be used and what app should be used to link the Ultraviolet account to view the movie.

    Sony Internet video device powered by Google® TV:

    1. On the remote control, press the Image button.
    2. Select the All Apps icon.
    3. Use the arrow buttons to select Flixster.
    4. Press the ENTER button to display the Flixster™ content.

    NOTE: If Flixster  does not appear in the apps menu of the Google TV, you can download it using the Google Play™ store app.

    Sony Internet video capable Blu-ray Disc® player, Network Media players, and select TVs:

    NOTE: Not all Sony Blu-ray Disc players, Network Media players, and TVs with Internet video capability support the Vudu™ service. To see if your device supports this app, make sure that the latest system software (firmware) has been downloaded and then look through the Internet video apps from the menu of the Blu-ray Disc player to see if the app appears.

    Link to your UltraViolet account using the Vudu app .

    NOTE: The Flixster app that is available on select Sony TVs and Blu-ray Disc players does not support linking to an UltraViolet account. If you have a Sony TV, you will still require one of the above devices to view movies on a UltraViolet library.