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Use the Internet Browser Built-In to the Internet Video Device

    Before You Start

    Make sure the TV is connected to the internet through either a wired  or wireless  connection.

    Use the Internet Browser of the Internet Video Device

    Note: This solution only applies to internet video devices with an internet browser. Not all devices have an internet browser. Check the specifications of your device. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Follow these steps to access the web browser:
      1. On the supplied remote control, press the Home or Menu button.
      2. Select Network.
      3. Select internet Browser.
    2. After you open the browser, follow these steps to enter the desired URL or web address:

      Note: Some websites use functions that aren't supported by the browser. Some websites may not be displayed correctly or may not display at all.

      1. Press the Options button.
      2. Select URL entry.
      3. Select Enter.
    3. Use the arrow buttons on the supplied remote control to navigate.
    4. Follow these steps to set a desired home page or start page:
      1. Display the desired web site in the browser.
      2. Press the Options button.
      3. Select Set as start page.

      Note: Press the Home or Menu button to exit the browser feature.