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The option to create recovery discs is missing in the VAIO Care application.

    For computers that do not have an internal optical (CD/DVD) drive, the Create Recovery Disc button will only be available in the VAIO Care software if an external optical drive is connected. On these computers, if there is no external optical drive connected, the Create Recovery Disc button will not be displayed.

    Connect a supported external optical drive to the computer, restart the VAIO Care software and the Create Recovery Disc button will be displayed and allow you to create the recovery discs.


    • Sony can only assist with support of the USB VAIO® CD/DVD external optical drive for creating and using recovery discs. The Sony Store web site will have pricing and availability information for this drive.

      Please contact a local or online authorized retailer to purchase a Sony product.

      For customers in Canada:

    • For support assistance with third-party external optical drive you will need to contact the external optical drive manufacturer.

    If the computer has an internal optical but the Create Recovery Disc button is not being displayed, then it will be necessary to troubleshoot why the optical drive is not reading a disc or is not working properly .