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There is a Bluetooth icon in Control Panel even though the computer does not have the Bluetooth wireless technology.

    There may be a Bluetooth icon in the Control Panel even if the computer does not have the Bluetooth® wireless technology components installed. The existence of a Bluetooth icon is part of the Windows Vista® operating system.

    If your computer does not have Bluetooth wireless, this icon may be removed.

    NOTE: If your are not sure whether the computer has Bluetooth wireless, manuals and specifications are available online. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    WARNING: If your computer has Bluetooth technology or you are using a third-party Bluetooth device, do not uninstall KB942567. This update provides additional features for use with the Bluetooth wireless. More information on the features this update provides can be found in the Microsoft KB Article ID 942567.

    Follow these steps to remove the Bluetooth icon.

    1. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2. In the Control Panel window, click Programs.
    3. In the Programs window, click Programs and Features.
    4. In the left menu pane, under Tasks, click View installed updates.
    5. Click on KB942567 and choose Uninstall.
    6. Finish the uninstall and choose Yes to restart the computer when prompted.