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The physical wireless switch is turned on but the indicator light for WLAN is not lit.

    Follow the procedure below to enable the Wireless LAN (WLAN) connection using the Wireless Device Switch utility. The physical WLAN indicator light will turn on when the WLAN connection is enabled.

    1. Double-click the Wireless Device Switch icon [FIG. 1] on the system tray.


      • If the Wireless Device Switch icon is not available in the system tray, turn off the physical wireless switch, restart the computer, and then turn on the physical wireless switch. The Wireless Device Switch icon should then be available.
      • The Wireless Device Switch application can be opened using the following executable file: C:\Program Files\Sony\Wireless Switch Setting Utility\Switcher.exe
      • If the Wireless Device Switch utility is not available in any location it can be reinstalled using the system recovery application.
    2. In the Wireless Device Switch window, click to check the box next to Enable 2.4Ghz Wireless LAN [FIG. 2].

      NOTE: The 2.4Ghz band is used for connecting to 802.11b/g networks which is the most popular type. If you want to connect to a 802.11a network, you must check the box next to Enable 5Ghz Wireless LAN.

    3. Click the OK button.