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Steps to Open Apps or Programs not Listed on the Start Screen

    To locate other apps or programs that aren't listed on the Windows® User Interface (UI) Start screen, check the following:

    • For a computer with a touch screen, swipe up from an empty part of the Start screen.

      Start Screen of a computer with Touch Screen

    • For a computer without a touch screen, move the cursor to an empty part of the Start screen, and click the arrow icon. The Apps screen displays.

      Start Screen of a computer without aTouch Screen


    • If a new app is installed, the new app installed down arrow icon appears at the bottom of the tiles. To see more information about the new app, click the down arrow icon.

    • When the Apps screen appears, scroll to the right to see more apps and programs.
    • To sort the Apps screen, click the down arrow and select the desired sort option.

      You can sort by the following options:

      • by name
      • by date installed
      • by most used
      • by category

      More apps and programs

    • To navigate to a category quickly, click on the section headers.

    • Newly installed applications will be marked with a NEW tag.