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Can a DT lens be used on a full-frame digital camera?

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    DT lenses can only be used with certain restrictions on full-frame digital cameras . These types of lenses are specifically designed for use with digital cameras that have an APS-C size image sensor and are smaller than the image sensors in full-frame digital cameras.

    When a DT lens is attached to a full-frame digital camera, the entire surface of the image sensor cannot be used.

    Note: When mounting a DT lens on an E-mount camera, a LA-EA series lens mount adapter is required.

    The camera will only use part of the image sensor that is equivalent in size to an APS-C sensor. The image size is automatically set to that of the APS-C size setting. Also, although it will not show up in the recorded images, vignetting will be seen in the viewfinder of the DSLR-A900 and DSLR-A850 cameras when shooting wide-angle pictures. In addition, exposure accuracy is not guaranteed with DT lenses in certain shooting situations when using the DSLR-A900 and DSLR-A850 cameras.

    NOTE: This is an example of vignetting as seen in an optical viewfinder.