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What Is Sony Imaging PRO Support and How Can I Contact Them?

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Sony Imaging PRO Support is a Premium Care Program for Professional Photographers. PRO Support members receive superior support to meet their professional needs to make sure their Digital Imaging products are always ready.

  • To apply for a membership, refer to the Sony Imaging PRO Support Website.
  • For questions to answers not found on the website or to attach and submit a saved application, send an email to

IMPORTANT: Qualifying applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Own a minimum of two Sony Alpha Full-Frame interchangeable lens Cameras and a minimum of three Sony ZEISS® and/or G Series lenses.
  • Be an active professional photographer (self-employed or an employee of a professional imaging business/organization).
  • Provide professional work samples - either tear sheets or a business URL with galleries.
  • Provide Membership Fee Payment.
  • Received an invitation from Sony Electronics to join the program.
  • Reviewed and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.