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How to transfer pictures from the memory card to a computer using a USB card reader

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Connect the USB memory card reader to an available USB port on the computer.

      NOTE:  It may take a minute or so for the computer to install the required drivers for the USB memory card device.

    3. Insert the memory card into the USB memory card reader.
    4. On the computer desktop, click the Start icon on the task bar.
    5. In the Start menu, click Computer or My Computer.
    6. In the Computer or My Computer window, select the Removeable Disk icon that represents the USB card reader.
    7. In the Removeable Disk window, browse to the folder that contains the pictures.

      NOTE:  Still pictures are normally located in a directory named DCIM/101MSDCF or something similar.

    8. Use one of the below methods below to copy the folder and its picture contents to the computer.

      • Use the computer mouse to drag and drop the folder to the desktop of the computer (or other desired location).
      • Copy the folder using the CTRL+C keys, then paste it to the computer desktop (or other desired location) using the CTRL+V keys .