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What is GPS assist data?

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    The GPS assist data provides information about the location of the GPS satellites. By writing this information to your camera with the PlayMemories Home™ software or Action Cam Movie Creator, your camera can find and lock onto the GPS signal faster.

    NOTE: For HDR-AZ1VR, the GPS function is on the supplied Live-View Remote and not the camera. The GPS signal is displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control.

    When the camera is connected to your computer with an active Internet connection, GPS assist data is automatically transferred to the camera using the PlayMemories Home or Action Cam Movie Creator software.


    • GPS assist data expires after a period of time and should be updated periodically. Even if the GPS data expires, the GPS function of the camera will still work, but it may take longer to find and lock onto the GPS signal.
    • A different solution on how to import GPS assist data to the camera  is available.