Article ID : 00081393 / Last Modified : 02/28/2020

How to record and play MP4 movies.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    To record MP4 movies, enable Dual Video REC and then start recording.

    1. Select the MENU icon on the left side of the LCD monitor.
    2. Select Image Quality/Size.
    3. Select Dual Video REC.
    4. Select On.


    • Movies are recorded in HD format and MP4 format simultaneously when Dual Video REC is set to On. You cannot record MP4 movies only with this camera.
    • Dual Video REC will be set to Off when the Frame Rate is set to 60p. When recording MP4 movies, set the Frame Rate as follows according to the file format setting.
      • AVCHD file format: 60i or 24p
      • XAVC S HD file format: 30p or 24p
    • Dual Video REC is not available when Intelligent Active is selected in SteadyShot (Movie) menu.

    To play back MP4 movies, the playback screen of the camera needs to be set to MP4.

    1. Press the View Images button on the side of the camera to enter the playback mode.
    2. Select the HD icon displayed at the top right corner of the playback screen.

      NOTE: Other file formats that can be selected are 4K, 4K/MP4, and HD/MP4.

    3. Select MP4.