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How to send images to a mobile device using NFC One-touch sharing.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    You can connect your camera to an NFC™ enabled mobile device and transfer images from the camera directly with just one touch, without the need for complicated settings.


    • The NFC function on the mobile device should be enabled and the NFC mark (NFC mark) is displayed on the camera screen before attempting to transfer images. The NFC function is only available if the mark is displayed.
    • If available, Airplane mode must be turned off on both camera and mobile device.
    • Sleep and lock-screen functions of the mobile device must be disabled.
    • The latest version of the PlayMemories Mobile™ app must be installed on the mobile device.

    Follow these steps to transfer images:

    1. Enable NFC on the mobile device.

      NOTE: This step is only required the first time you want to transfer pictures or if you have previously disabled NFC.

      1. Select Settings.
      2. Select More...

        Android Wireless Settings - More...

      3. Check that NFC is enabled. (check-mark displayed).

        Android Wireless Settings - NFC enabled

    2. Send the image or images to the mobile device.
      1. To send a single image:
        1. Playback an image on the camera to be sent to a mobile device.
      2. To send multiple images:
        1. Press MENU.
        2. Select Wireless icon(Wireless).
        3. Select Send to Smartphone.
        4. Select This Image, All Images on This Date or Multiples Images.
        5. Wait for on-screen confirmation before attempting to connect.
    3. Touch the mobile device to the camera for 1-2 seconds until the PlayMemories Mobile launches.

      NFC mark in a camera

      NOTE: The position of the NFC mark on the camera differs depending on the model. A different solution showing examples of the NFC antenna and mark location  is available. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the camera for the exact location of the NFC mark.

    The image will automatically start to transfer from the camera to your mobile device once the PlayMemories Mobile app is launched.


    • The size of the image sent to the mobile device can be changed. To do this, follow the steps below:
      1. On your mobile device, open the PlayMemories Mobile app.
      2. Go to Settings.
      3. Select Copy Image Size.
      4. Select Original, 2M or VGA.
    • The transferred images will be stored in the PlayMemories Mobile folder.
    • Some images may not be displayed on the mobile device depending on the recording format.
    • RAW images are converted to JPEG format when they are sent.
    • If the Image index (Image Index) is displayed on the camera, image transfer using the NFC function will not be possible.
    • You can transfer movies recorded in the MP4 file format but not the AVCHD format. Refer to the instructions manual supplied with the mobile device for types of files that are supported with the One-touch sharing feature.