Article ID : 00049010 / Last Modified : 09/30/2020

The NFC function isn't working with the mobile device or can't connect with the Imaging Edge Mobile (PlayMemories Mobile successor) app

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The information below may differ depending on the type of mobile device. Refer to the mobile device manual if model-specific information is necessary to perform any step. Check the Near Field Communication (NFC™) function and Imaging Edge Mobile (PlayMemories Mobile™ successor) app connection with the mobile device after completing each step.

    • Make sure the mobile device supports the NFC technology.
      • The NFC function may also be referred to as Reader/Writer or P2P depending on the type of mobile device.
      • To use NFC with an Apple® iPhone® mobile digital devices, you will need an iPhone® 7 cell phone or later and iOS11.0™ operating system or later.
      • Your mobile device needs to have an app that supports NFC. Depending on the mobile device, it may have an app called Connected devices, Android Beam™ app or others with the same function that you can select.
    • Make sure you have the Imaging Edge Mobile app downloaded and installed onto your mobile device.
    • Make sure the NFC function is turned on in the Wireless or Network Settings menu of the mobile device.
    • Make sure the Airplane Mode in the camera menu is set to Off.
    • If the mobile device is enclosed in a case or skin, remove it.
    • Make sure the NFC mark NFC mark on the camera is aligned to the NFC area of your mobile device when tapping the devices together.
      • The Imaging Edge Mobile app automatically starts about 1 - 2 seconds after tapping the camera and mobile device together.
      • If the camera is in movie/photo recording mode, Ctrl with Smartphone starts up.
      • If the camera is in Playback mode, Send to Smartphone starts up and images being played back on the camera will be transferred on the mobile device.
    • If the Wi-Fi® setting of your camera is set to OFF or set to Multi connection, Imaging Edge Mobile can't be connected. Set the Wi-Fi setting to Single connection.

    You can connect the camera to a smartphone via QR Code in any of the following situations:

    • A QR Code appears on the camera's display panel when you select Ctrl with Smartphone on the camera.
    • A QR Code appears on the camera's display panel when you activate Smart Remote Control on the PlayMemories Camera Apps.
    • A QR Code is printed on the rear of the battery cover of the camera.

    Try the connection by executing Scan QR Code of the camera in Imaging Edge Mobile.