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What is the function of the RS-232 serial port available on some Sony products?

    IMPORTANT: The RS-232 feature is not part of the normal operation of the product. As such, any support for using this port or its functionality is not available. Due to the complexity of installation and issues that may occur during an installation using the RS-232 port, it is recommend that it only be completed by a professional custom installer.

    An RS-232 serial port is most often used by repair technicians to perform diagnostics and service updates. It may also be used to control a device when connected to a computer running a home automation system or Custom Integrated Audio/Video (A/V) system, such as the CAV-M1000ES Multi-room A/V Distribution System.

    NOTE: Not all Sony® products have an RS-232 serial port jack. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your product for detailed information on the available features and capabilities. Manuals are posted on your model support page.