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Use the camera memory card to transfer photos to your computer

    Follow these steps to transfer pictures from the memory card of your camera to your computer.

    Note: The steps in this article are for a computer using Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

    1. Insert the memory card into the card reader of your computer.
      • If your computer doesn't have a compatible built-in memory card reader, use an external memory card adapter compatible with your computer and memory card.
    2. Copy the photos to your computer manually or use AutoPlay.
      • AutoPlay:
        • On the AutoPlay pop-up window, click on Import pictures and videos and follow the on-screen instructions

      • Copy photos manually:
        1. On your computer, click Start.
        2. Click Computer.
        3. Click on the icon of the drive that represents your memory card.
        4. Click on the DCIM folder.
        5. Click the 100MSDCF folder.
          • The number of the picture folder may vary but always ends with MSDCF.
        6. Select the photos you want to copy.
        7. Use your mouse to drag and drop the photos to the desktop or another folder in your computer.