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What is needed to receive and activate XM Satellite Radio® service through an XM-ready car stereo?

    To receive XM Satellite Radio service through a Sony® XM-ready car stereo, you will need:

    • a car stereo that is XM Satellite Radio ready.
    • a separate XM Satellite Radio tuner module, which includes an XM protocol adapter and connection cable, that supports the Sony brand.

    The XM Satellite Radio tuner module connects through the UniLink™/CD Changer Control connection of the car stereo receiver. After the necessary connections have been made, the Reset button on the car stereo receiver needs to be pressed.

    To activate the service and start listening, the following is needed:

    • The 8-digit XM Satellite Radio identification (ID) number.

      NOTE: The 8-digit XM Radio ID number can be found either on the back of the XM radio or by tuning your radio to Channel 0 or Channel 255.

    • A major credit card.
    • The name of the audio package you want.


    • For information about available XM Satellite Radio tuner modules, check with your local car stereo dealer or visit the XM Satellite radio Web site.
    • For detailed information about troubleshooting an XM Satellite Radio tuner module, contact a qualified installer.