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The buttons on the car stereo faceplate stopped working.

    Follow the steps below if the buttons on the car stereo faceplate are no longer working.

    WARNING:  There is a risk of data loss. This procedure erases all settings and resets the car stereo to the factory default settings. Afterwards, it will be necessary to reset the time and reprogram the station presets.

    1. Turn off the car ignition and remove the car keys from the ignition switch.
    2. Remove the faceplate from the car stereo.
    3. On the car stereo, use a pointed object to press and release the RESET button.
    4. On the faceplate, press and release each of the buttons to make sure none are stuck.
    5. Clean the metal terminals on the back of the faceplate and front of the car stereo with a cotton swab lightly dipped (not saturated) with rubbing alcohol.
    6. Reattach the faceplate to the front of the car stereo.
    7. Insert the car keys into the ignition switch and turn it to the ON position.

      NOTE: The Demo mode displays on the LCD screen of the faceplate.

    8. Try using the buttons on the faceplate to reprogram the time and station presets.
    9. If the buttons still do not respond repeat steps 1-3, reattach the faceplate and try the buttons again.

    If the buttons still do not work, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.