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A Compact Disc (CD) is stuck in the player and cannot be ejected.

    If a CD is stuck and cannot be ejected, follow these steps to try to resolve this issue.

    WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Forcibly removing media can cause damage. Do not attempt to forcibly remove the disc.

    IMPORTANT: If model-specific information is needed for any of these steps, refer to the instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Turn your ignition to the accessory power position and then press and hold down the EJECT button. After approximately two minutes, release the EJECT button and immediately press the EJECT button once more to see if the disc ejects.
    2. Using a blank disc, try inserting the disc about 1-inch deep into the player without force, then press the EJECT button a couple of times until both discs come out together.
    3. Reset the unit.

    If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.