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The car stereo Audio/Video (AV) center is asking for a code for the system.

    The code that the car stereo AV center is looking for is a 4-digit security code that is programmed into your system during the installation process. This code is generally needed when one of the following issues occurs on the car stereo:

    • the AV center was reset.
    • the screen locks up on the unit.

    If you purchased the vehicle from an individual, contact the seller of the car to see if they can give you the code. If you had your AV center professionally installed, we recommend that you contact the installer to see if they are able to provide you with the code.

    If the seller of the vehicle or the installer is not able to assist you, or if you installed the system yourself, please contact the Customer Experience Center at (239) 768-7547 to speak with a customer service representative.