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The WebLink displays an error or USB connection is not detected

    If the WebLink function cannot be used, check the following.

    • If a USB device not supported message is displayed:
      • Install the WebLink Host app to your smartphone from the following Website:, if the app is already installed, restart your smartphone and reconnect the USB cable.
        Note: The message may also be displayed as USB device not supported. For detail on the compatible devices, visit the support site on the last page in the supplied manual.
    • If a WebLink error message is displayed on the head unit screen
    • USB connection cannot be detected using the iPhone®
      • If the iPhone is locked, the USB connection cannot be detected.
        Unlock the iPhone by entering the passcode or using the Touch ID function.
    • The message error Resume a WebLink compatible app to continue is displayed while using the WebLink Host app
      Keep the Web Link Host app in the foreground of the screen while using the WebLink function.
    • WebLink connection disconnects unintentionally after updating the iPhone to iOS 15
      • This is the result of a compatibility issue between iOS 15 and WebLink Host app. For details, refer to the Abalta WebLink FAQ website.